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Ready-Mix Colours

QUICKLINE®_logoThe extensive new Quickline Ready Mixed Colour range is an accurately matched modern colour range that has been developed by utilising strong connections with motor manufacturers around the globe.

QB-Quickline Basecoat

Quickline Basecoat is ideal for all types of repair. Its advanced fast drying formulation provides excellent coverage in the minimum number of coats, thus avoiding all the problems normally associated with excessive basecoat thickness. Matched to the latest motor manufacturer colour standards you can be assured of an excellent colour match. With Quickline Basecoat it is easy to achieve an even metallic appearance and obtaining invisible fadeouts is simple, no need for additional additives or complicated fadeout processes.

QG-Quickline Direct Gloss

When you want to keep repair costs to a minimum but still require a really superb finish, you want Quickline Direct Gloss. This outstanding product is based on the most up-to-date pigment technology thus ensuring that you can achieve an excellent colour match and maximum coverage with the minimum number of coats. Quickline Direct Gloss is both colour fast and highly durable.

PackshotThe Quickline Colour Fan provides an accurate representation of every Quickline colour, making colour identification simple and ensuring a perfect colour match every time.




Fiches techniques PPG QUICKLINE :

PPG QBC_Quickline Basecoat Colour (English)

PPG QDG Quickline Direct Gloss Colour (English)

PPG QF-2620 V Quickline Universal Stopper (English)

PPG QP-3405 3407 V Quickline 2K Primer Surfacer (English)


PPG QUICKLINE Ready Mixed BaseCoat (English)

PPG QUICKLINE Ready Mixed Direct Gloss (English)